Jordan Creek Chili Challenge Team Information

Welcome to the Jordan Creek Chili Challenge Team page. Here you will find helpful information for your team, including instructions and links to handouts and maps.

Rules and Regulations

There are two (2) chili divisions,C.A.S.I Chili and Home Style Chili.   One (1) Salsa division and one (1) Hot Wing division.

Our contest is sanctioned by C.A.S.I., Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc.  the C.A.S.I. chili division will follow the rules and regulations established by C.A.S.I. The Home Style division includes "filler" (if you call it chili we will judge it!)

Chef Information

Booth spaces range in size from 10 x10 to 20 x 20 square feet, depending on the location. Most Teams/Individuals receive a 10 x10 space. If you feel you need a larger space please contact Tobi Sharon at 515.208.4000

There will be a mandatory cook's meeting at 9 a.m Saturday  in the Judges Tent.


Teams may begin arriving on Saturday 22nd at 7am.  

Pull onto Railroad Ave, unload at your chosen booth are. Then park in the parking lot behind the buildings. Take the north alley way to the lot. 

Please make every effort to keep vehicles moving through the drop off zone, so other contestants can also unload. 

When awards are announced we will open the street again for your convenience to load back up.