Chili In The Junction Rules

As a sanctioned contest, The “Chili In The Junction”will follow the Chili Appreciation

Society International, Inc. (C.A.S.I) rules and regulations. For complete C.A.S.I rules

and regulations go to Open/Traditional Chili is anything goesType your paragraph here.



1. COOKS MEETING: The Cooks meeting will be held on Saturday morning the day of

event at 9:00am in the Judges Tent. The Contest Director and the Chief Judge will

give final instructions and answer any questions at that time.

2. SAMPLES: Teams are asked to provide samples for the public on Saturday

beginning at 10am. Teams will be given 200 sample cups (2oz) at the head cooks

meeting on Saturday morning. Spoons will be available to the public at the Entry

Gates and the “Chili In The Junction” booth. NO CASI Chili can be given to the public

until 12pm. (Home Style may be served starting at 10am).

3. JUDGING: Check the website for turn in times. Judging will begin for each category

directly after the designated turn in times.


• Kids Kornbread: 10:00 am at the Judging Tent

• Salsa: 11:00 am at the Judging Tent

• CASI Chili: 12:30 at the Judging Tent

• Homestyle Chili: 1:00 pm at the Judging Tent

* Hot Wings 1:30 pm at the judging Tent

5. All chili must be prepared at the cook’s assigned booth. Spices can be pre-mixed, but

no “just add meat” mixes are allowed (see CASI Rules). Vegetables can be chopped

ahead of time. Salsa can be prepared ahead of time.

6. Each contestant is responsible for providing all cooking utensils, equipment, tables

and tents (optional). Contestants must use grills or self contained gas stoves. NO

GROUND FIRES WILL BE PERMITTED. All chili must be prepared in the open (no

cooking in motor homes, etc). NO electrical hook-ups are available and generators

are not permitted for cooking purposes. Each team is responsible for the cleanliness

of its site during and after the contest. Teams are responsible for bringing their own

grease containers. Non-cooperation of the cleanliness standard may result in

disqualification from future Chili In The Junction. Chili MUST NOT be accessible

to the public or handled in an unsanitary manner.

7. Everyone within the confines of the cooking and serving area MUST wear shirts and

shoes AT ALL TIMES. For safety reasons, contestants WILL NOT be allowed to bring

vehicles back in to the loading and unloading area until awards have be announced

and the public has vacated that area.

7. All teams must turn in a sample for at least one category for which they have

registered. If a team does not turn in any samples they will be disqualified for the


8. Contestants must turn in 16oz of chili from a chili division for the purposes of judging.

Example, CASI entry or Homestyle/Open entry. Each contestant will be allowed to

enter (1) sample for each division. Judging criteria for Home Style chili is based on

aroma, red color, consistency, taste and after taste. ( Quarts are provided to teams

by Chili In The Junction.)

9. Contestants must turn in at least 16oz of the salsa for purposes of judging.

Ingredients may be chopped up and/or salsa may be prepared prior to arriving to the

contest. Judging criteria for salsa is based on appearance, taste, texture and

aftertaste. ( Containers are also available at Chili In The Junction booth.

Styrofoam containers with lids must be used).

10. Contestants must turn on six (6) hot wings for the purposes of judging. Hot wings

may be marinated overnight. Raw meat is to be inspected prior to cooking. Open

garnish rules apply. Judging criteria for hot wings is based on appearance, taste and

tenderness. ( Chili In The Junction will provide plastic bowls for wing turn in).

11. There will be two divisions of chili judged in this contest: “CASI Chili” and “Home

Style/Open Chili”. Other categories include Salsa and Hot Wings.

CASI Chili: Described as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili

peppers, various other spices and other ingredients, with the exception of items such as

beans, or spaghetti, which are strictly forbidden.

Home Style/Open Chili: Described as any kind of meat, meat substitution or no meat

(vegetarian) cooked with various spices and other ingredients, including beans,

spaghetti or other fillers. Home Style may also include "non-red" chili. If you call it chili,

we'll judge it!

Salsa: Described as any kind of sauce containing various spices and herbs, which is

typically tomato-based and can be used as a dip for chips. This excludes guacamole

and cheese dips. Excessively hot salsas will be disqualified. Cooks must be willing to

eat their own salsa.

Hot Wings: Described as a chicken wing, either whole or part, that may be cooked with

various spices and other ingredients. Wings must be cooked on site. All cooking

methods (deep fried, grilled, smoked, etc.) are accepted for judging. Excessively hot

wings will be disqualified. Cooks must be willing to eat their own wings.

12. In order to receive a booth space you must register for at least one Chili category.

Teams entering the Hot Wings category may enter with out also entering into a Chili

category. Teams entering the Salsa category only, will only receive a booth space as

space is allowed.

13. In order to be good neighbors, contestants may start set up at 7am .All vehicles

must leave the unloading zone and will be denied access to loading /unloading zone

after 9am on Saturday . Please use alley and park in North parking lot. Any

contestants needing special arrangements need to call Tobi Sharon at

515-208-4000. All props, motor homes, vehicles, tents, or any equipment related to

these items may not exceed the boundaries of the assigned space. If you need

more than the assigned space , you should let us know so we can try to

accommodate your request ahead of the event.

14. Teams will consist of one (1) Head Cook and up to four (4) Assistant Cooks. No

cooking or preparation of any kind may begin until the ingredients have been

inspected (with the exception of Salsa). All CASI Chili must be cooked on site from

scratch the day of the cook off. All Home Style Chili must be cooked on site and

from scratch. If Home Style Chili is cooked Friday night, it must stay on site over

night. For Home Style Chili, pre cooked or canned beans may be added.(This rule

only pertains to a 2 day event.) Once the ingredients have been inspected, they may

not leave the site. All meat used in any chili must start out raw. No precooked, presalted

or pre-marinated meats are allowed (Hot Wings may be marinated onsite

overnight on Friday night, if it’s a 2 day event.) Sausage need not be ground and/or

stuffed on site, but must be raw.

15. Meat inspections will be available starting at 7 am on Saturday. Judging cups and

containers will be handed out on Saturday at check in.

16. The decisions of the Chili In The Junction President/Director, the Chief Judge, and /

or the judges are final.

17. There are no refunds for team entry fees.

18. Entries/Cooks may sign up morning of event or prior to event. Tent/Booth space is a

first come first serve basis. NO tents/booths to be set up directly in front of the

stage/judging area or the sides spaces off the stage area.

19. Security will be provided only for a 2 day event. The City of West Des Moines,

it’s employees, volunteers, and officers and the sponsors and their employees,

volunteers and officers, also all Chili In The Junction employees, volunteers and

officers are not liable for theft of or damage to personal or group property and are

not liable for any and all injuries suffered during the event.

20. EXCLUSIVITY RULE: Chili In The Junction relies on corporate sponsors to

promote and underwrite the event. Because of their involvement, presenting

corporate sponsors have exclusive rights to distribute their products and display

signage. Therefore, teams competing in the event and /or other companies may not

distribute products or display signage for companies that directly or indirectly

compete with the presenting corporate sponsors of Chili In The Junction.

21. FOR SALE ITEMS: Contestants are not allowed to sell any merchandise, food, or

beverages from their booth area unless cleared through Chili In The Junction

President and also pays for a Vendor booth space. Violations may result in

disqualification from the contest.

22. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the event site at



Only alcoholic beverages brought in by teams during the check- in process , or

purchased at the concession area will be allowed. No “carry-in” alcohol is allowed at the

contest. It is the responsibility of the Chief Cooks of all Teams to ensure that only legal

consumption of alcoholic beverages occurs in their booths. Excessive use of alcoholic

beverages may be grounds for disqualification. Violations may result in disqualification

and /or arrest.

23. Awards for the CHILI IN THE JUNCTION will be presented at the conclusion of the

judging process. Tentative time of awards is scheduled for 4 pm Saturday.

The following shall serve as the order for awards:


3rd Place Ribbon

2nd Place Ribbon

1st Place Ribbon & Prize


3rd Place Ribbon & Prize

2nd Place Ribbon & Prize

1st Place Ribbon & Prize


3rd Place Ribbon

2nd Place Ribbon

1st Place Trophy


3rd Place Ribbon

2nd Place Ribbon

1st Place Trophy


5th Place Ribbon

4th Place Ribbon

3rd Place Ribbon

2nd Place Ribbon

1st Place Trophy


4th - 10th Place Ribbon


3rd Place Ribbon


3rd Place Trophy


2nd Place Ribbon


2nd Place Trophy


1st Place Trophy


1st Place Trophy