2016 Contest Winners

​CASI Chili  (15 Entries)

1st  Gary Christensen -  Clear Lake

2nd LennDeevers - Ottumwa

3rd  Virgil Johnson - Ottumwa

4th  Cher Stephensen - Cedar Rapids

Homestyle / Traditional Chili

1st  Virgil Johnson - Ottumwa

​2nd Gary Christensen - Clear Lake

3rd Todd Casey - West Des Moines

4th Tony Lux - Shawnee KS


1st Tony Lux - Shawnee KS

2nd Virgil Johnson - Ottumwa

​3rd Robin Seafarer - Lucus

4th Gary Christensen

Showmanship Award

Gary Christensen​ - Clear Lake

Hot Wings

Cancelled due to only one entry

Kids Kornbread

1st -  Alex Sharon

2nd - Becca Blackford

2017 Winners!!!

CASI Chili
1st Kim Kaune Cedar Rapids
2nd Brian Spencer Cedar Rapids
3rd Cher Stephenson Cedar Rapids
4th Paul Kaune Cedar Rapids
5th Kyle Barton West Dsm
6th Doug McCoy Cedar Rapids
7th Kurt Stephenson Cedar Rapids 
8th Gary Christensen Clear Lake 
9th Virgil Johnson Ottumwa
10th Lenn Deevers Ottumwa

1st Lenn Deevers Ottumwa
2nd Gary Christensen Clear Lake
3rd Virgil Johnson Ottumwa

Hot Wings
1st Jerry Christensen Cedar Rapids
2nd Gary Christensen Clear Lake
3rd Dennis "Sunshine" Lane Cedar Rapids

Showmanship Award
1st "Rapid Flow" Jerry

Christensen Cedar Rapids
2nd "Rapid Dispatch" Gary Christensen Clear Lake

OPEN/Homestyle Chili "Anything goes"
1st Virgil Johnson Ottumwa
2nd Kyle Barton West Dsm
3rd Len Deevers Ottumwa
4th Randy Butler Bondurant IA
5th Todd Casey West Dsm

Peoples Choice
Dennis "Sunshine" Lane Cedar Rapids

ICS Red Chili
1st Mark Allen Des Moines
2nd Greg Virant Des Moines
3rd Jerry Von Sprecken West Dsm

2015 Contest Winners

C.A.S.I Chili

1st     Paul Kaune

2nd    Gary Christensen

3rd     Tony Lux

4th     John Gallagher

5th     Len Deevers

Homestyle/Traditional Chili

1st     Virgil Johnson

2nd    Aaron Byrd

3rd     Todd Casey

4th     Greg Heuer

5th     John Gallagher


1st    Virgil Johnson

2nd   Aaron Byrd

3rd    Gary Christensen

4th    Jim Kirkman

Hot Wings

1st    Bob Monson

2nd    Aaron Byrd

3rd    Gary Christensen

People’s Choice Award

West Des Moines Association of Professional Firefighters Local 3586

Showmanship Award

Gary Christensen

Kids Kornbread

1st     Alex Sharon    

2nd    Becca Blackford

3rd    Becca Blackford